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Ginny Di Tail Cover Kit Tutorial

The Ginny Di Tail Cover Kit is an exclusive tail cover recipe we made in collaboration with Ginny Di. It comes in three variants: Light Blue, Red, and Black. The tail cover is tailored to be used with the Costail at full length, and can be used for tieflings, devils and any sort of character that has a spade tail tip.

Everything you need for this tutorial is included in the Cover Kit available here. You will however need a roll of tape and some glue, we prefer to use hot glue. Remember that the kit is only suited for the Costail.

You can also find this tutorial in video format here. If something is difficult to understand in written form it can be useful to check out the same step in the video. Each step will therefore have a time coded link to the part of the video tutorial that covers this step.

Step 1:
Place the assembled Costail at the centre of the white felt and fold it tightly around, securing it with a piece of tape. We prefer to start at the bottom and work our way up towards the base

Step 2:

Now that the inner padding is complete the time has come to prepare the outer layer. Depending on the variant the color this fabric will be either blue, red, or black. In this tutorial we are working with the black variant.

Take the included fabric (which in true cosplay DIY style is actually just baby tights from We Love Colours) and cut off one of its legs as shown in the picture to the right. Also cut a small hole near the end of each leg as indicated by the thick white line, as shown by the image below.

You should make sure that the steel wire is tightly fastened before you proceed (please refer to the Costail user manual or assembly video for assembly instructions).

Once cut, slide each of the two separate parts over the baselayer, making sure the two holes near the bottom aligns, and that the top part doesn't block the power input. Secure it tightly around the upper base using some of the included safety pins. You can jump a bit forward in the video to see how we did it:

Step 3:

Roll a pipe out of the silver vinyl and stick it together with some glue. Makre sure that the inner diameter of the pipe is large enough to fit tightly around the tip of the tail before you apply glue. Once done and the glue has dried, slide the vinyl onto the tail (if step 3.5 is relevant for you, you should complete that step first).


Step 3.5: (Optional and only relevant for Light Blue variant)

The Light Blue variant also includes jewelry. Use the included sewing kit and sew a few stitches to fasten the jewelry to the silver vinyl.


Step 3.6: (Optional and only relevant for Light Blue variant)

In addition to the jewelry the blue kit also includes a pink ribbon. Make a V-shaped cut at each end of the ribbon and tie a nice bow. Once done, the bow can be fastened to the base of the tail using one of the included safety pins. For better durability we also recommend sewing the bow in place with a few stitches as well as carefully burning the tip of each of the V-shaped cuts to make sure the seam doesn't tear.

Step 4:

The final part of the recipe is attaching the included tail tip. Before you proceed with this step you should make sure that the string is tightly fastened and correctly balanced (please refer to the Costail user manual or assembly video for assembly instructions).

Pull the base and outer layer a bit back to expose the outer tail segment. Attach the tail tip onto the tail segment and secure it using the included steel wire by inserting it through the four holes at the base of the tail tip (see picture).

Once fastened, you can proceed with sliding the fabric over the tail tip and secure it using a safety pin.

Finnally, slide the silver vinyl as far down towards the tail tip as possible.

Congratulations! You have now assembled your very own tail cover! Don't forget to share your creation with us by tagging @cosgearofficial on instagram

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