The Costail has a tail casing that includes a motor and electronics. The electronics has sensors that detect your body's movements, and tells the motor how to move. Therefore the Costail follows your every move! The Costail mainly moves in two ways:

1. Based on your movement

The Costail moves best when you shift your weight from side to side, like when you walk or move your hips. The tails is unique to each person, because no one moves like you do!

2. When standing still

When the tail is on and you haven't been moving for 5 seconds, the tail enters a pause mode. This mode moves the tail casually while you are taking a break!


The Costail is made for cosplayers and costumers everywhere, and we wanted to make sure that we enable your creativity as much as possible. Therefore we have created a base tail that you can build on, with a unique technology built in. The Costail is therefore customizable in three ways:

1. Tail Shape

Change the shape of your tail by tightening the screw at the top. Alter it to your costume, be it a loose tail or a tight one with a high tip! Need to change your shape? Tighten or loosen it to your liking, in seconds!

2. Tail Length

Do you want a long tail with smooth and big movement, then complete the kit to the full length. If you want a shorter tail, use the shorter kit to get quick and fun movements when you move!

3. Tail Cover

We have worried about the movement of the tail so you won't have to. You can create whatever tail cover you would like to fit your cosplay!


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Tail Segments

Electronics Box

Tail Harness


The Costail is developed and produced in Norway, and comes as a DIY kit. It can be assembled in 5 minutes, with no tools! It is done in 5 easy steps:

1. Connect the tail segments

2. Thread the string through the tail, and fasten it at the bottom

3. Put the wire through the tail, and fasten it to the box

4. Connect the wire to the powerbank and to the box

5. Fasten the tail in the harness

Costail - The Ultimate Cosplay Tail

Fully automatic movement

Versatile to fit all costumes

Tried and trusted by cosplayers worldwide

All shipping and taxes included



The Costail is powered by a powerbank that is connected to the tail box. The powerbank gives the tail a battery life of 5 hours of continuous use. This means that if you run around for 5 hours straight at a convention, you have to charge your powerbank or switch to a new one. But with normal convention behaviour, it should last a bit longer. The power bank has a button on its side that is used to turn the tail on an off. The power bank is connected to the Costail with  USB-C cable. This way you can place the power bank where it suits your costume.


The Costail is fastened to your body with two belts. The belts are fastened to a harness that sits comfortably on your lower back. The tail slides into the harness with ease. You put on the tail in 3 easy steps:

1. Put the included belts into the harness. You don't have to use the included belts, if you prefer your own solution.

2. Fasten the belt and the tail around your waist, with the harness on your lower back

3. Put the tail into the harness! It can now be taken on and off without removing the belt or the harness.



The Costail's unique tail movements are made by a small electronic servo motor. We have worked really hard to reduce the sound to a minimum. Yet, it does give out some sound, although it is lowered when the Costail is wrapped in a tail cover. It is really difficult to accurately describe the level of sound, as that is such a subjective experience. So, we'll use cosplayers who have tried the Costail as reference. They have reported that the sound is not too bad, and that it's low enough not to be an issue at conventions or such. Many have even appreciated some sound-response to confirm the tail is moving. Check out the video with sound examples, as well as Ginny Di's video on the Costail to explore this further.

Costail - The Ultimate Cosplay Tail

Moves by itself

Easy to put together

Bring your cosplay to life!

All shipping and taxes included

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