We've closed down our online shop, and will no longer be selling our products. Thank you to everyone for your support in the last 6 years!

Meet the Cosgear Team!

Hi, nice to meet you! We are Cosgear, formerly Costail. We are a gang of Norwegian creators who have fallen in love with the cosplay community. We aim to continue making moving costume parts, and new technological solutions that help bring your cosplays to life!

As a company we aim to be open, generous and creative. We encourage new ideas and work tirelessly to not get stuck in the same track over time. Our greatest inspiration are all the voices of the cosplay community. We have gathered so many ideas based on the feedback of cosplayers, and we would be nowhere without the help of our loyal and dedicated customers. We will always strive to make exceptional products and services that create value for the cosplay community, based on the unique insights and openness that we've met so far.

The Cosgear slogan is bring it to life. By this we both aim to support the creativity that cosplayers already stand for, creating new ways to portray characters from all forms of fiction. In addition, we want to add to your already existing costumes, by adding movement and life to certain parts of your creations.


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Ole Kristian

Master Builder


Electronics Wizard


Prototyping Genius

Developed with cosplayers

Together with local and international cosplayers, we have spent 2 years developing a complex tail movement technology, to help bring cosplays to life. We would like to thank the cosplayers who have helped us in the process!

Every product we make is developed based on cosplay feedback, surveys and workshops. Our goal is to create an amazing provider of cosplay innovations, solutions and supplies, and our customers are our greatest asset. If you have an idea or a need for a cosplay product that does not exist yet, please let us know in the chat!