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Exclusive Costail Tail Cover Recipe by Ginny Di and Cosgear

All materials needed to make a beautiful tail cover

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About the Costail

Automatic Movement

Customizable in length and shape

Reusable for all your cosplays

The Costail brings your cosplay to life with unique movement technology. It has a complex circuit board that detects your body’s movement, and moves the tail accordingly! In addition, it has a pause mode that moves the tail when you don't feel like moving yourself. It is customizable in shape and length, and fits almost any cosplay character.

The Costail is delivered as a DIY-kit. The kit takes 5 minutes to assemble and allows you to choose between two lengths. The Costail comes without a tail cover, meaning you can create the perfect cover to fit your cosplay. It’s delivered with two belts, a harness to attach the tail, a powerbank and a powercable with an on/off switch.

For more information about how the Costail works, visit our How it works page.

What is in the box?

The Costail is delivered as a DIY-kit. The kit takes 5 minutes to assemble and allows you to choose between two lengths. See more about the kit and how to assemble the tail on our How it works page. The kit includes:

1 x Electronics Box

This is where the magic happens! It holds the electronics and the motor.

20 x Tail Segments

The tail segments builds the "skeleton" of the tail. You can choose between making a long or short tail depending on the number of segments you use.

1 x Tail Harness

The tail harness is what connects the Costail to your body, using two belts. The tail clicks on and off the harness with no fuzz.

2 x Belts

Costail includes two belts that fits all sizes. But you can also use your own.

1 x Powerbanks

The tail is powered with a power bank giving at least 5 hours of use. See product details below for more information.

1 x Power cable with switch

Costail includes 1 power cable to connect the tail with the power bank. It also includes an on/off switch!

Set of cord and steel wires

The steel wires give the tail its shape and springy look. And the cord makes it move!

1 x pouch for powerbank

This small pouch is an optional way to store the powerbank on the belt. It can be moved around and placed anywhere on the belt.

Costail does not come with a wall charger/power adapter for the power bank. You can use the one you already have for you phone!

Product Details


405 grams/14.3 oz

Full length

75 CM/30 Inches

Short length

45 CM/17,7 Inches

Water resistance

The Costail is not waterproof or water-resistant. See our FAQs for more information

Comes with fabrics?

No. See our FAQs for more information.


Battery life

At least 5 hours


130 grams/4.6 oz.


25x45x95 mm/1x2x4 inches

For more technical details, please see our FAQ.

Weight capacity

The tail can hold 250 grams of fabric and maintain a great tail swing. See our FAQs for more information.

Sound levels

The Costail is actuated by an electric motor and will make some noise depending on how much, and how fast it moves. See our How it works page to see video with sound.

Shipping and Order Details

The estimated shipping date is listed in the table below. Your order will be shipped with DHL Express, and all taxes, shipping and handling fees are already included in the price. We will keep all our customers updated once a month by email on estimated delivery times for their order. Updated delivery time estimates will also be available in the FAQs at our website at all times. In addition, DHL Express will send an email and a text message when the order is shipped, where you can update your delivery preferences if needed.

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The Ginny Di

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What is the deal with preorder?

We are a small, new company and the Costail is our first product. We have worked really hard for two years to develop a tail specifically for cosplay, and we’re so excited to manufacture it and deliver it to you. However, manufacturing such a product is super expensive and therefore we are dependant on pre-orders to be able to buy all the parts needed to make your products. So, the money you pay upfront simply goes towards funding the production of the very product you order. In that way the pre-order makes it a team effort where you help us make you the Costail. Thank you so much for supporting a small company like us, and for the co-creation! See the about us section for more information.

Automatic movement

Fits any cosplay

Fits any body type

Reusable for several cosplays

5 hours continuous battery life

Switch between two lengths

Developed and produced in Norway

Powerbank and belts included

No technical skills needed

Follows your movement

Fits any cosplay

Moves when you're standing still

5 hours continuous battery life

Switch between two lengths

Reusable for several cosplays

Easily taken on and off

No technical skills needed

Sold out
Sold out
Sold out

Costail - The Ultimate Cosplay Tail

Easily detachable

Customizable in shape and length

Moves based on your body movement

All shipping and taxes included