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Each month we give away a set of custom ear covers to a lucky Cosears customer! Sign up with your Cosears order information so that we know you have bought the product!

Monthly Customer Giveaway

Giveaway of the month: On Hiatus

Usually, we give away something to a lucky Cosears customer! Right now the giveaway is on hiatus, but watch this space for more in the future! If you sign up below we'll make sure you're part of the next one.

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Thank you for signing up! The winner is announced on the first Monday of every month.

October 2021

Winner: @wildtropicanagirl
Prize: Luna covers

November 2021

Winner: @carrioncosplay
Prize: Rocket Racoon covers

December 2021

Winner: @mantaray.cosplay.account
Prize: Dog covers

January 2022

Winner: @bluesoul_cosplay
Prize: Modelling Mesh

February 2021

Winner: @lilithdiabolos
Prize: Hardware Pack