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Handmade by @lizxcreations_ to fit the Cosears

Ears start at €60

High quality fur

Wires for poseability

Open for custom orders

Ships from Germany

Shop: Etsy

Instagram: @Lizxcreations_

TikTok: @Lizxcreations_


1. Contact Ear Maker

Contact the ear maker of your choice from our selection of super talented affiliates. Most of our affiliates offer custom commissions.

2. Work with them to suit your needs

Work with the ear maker to find your dream ears, and they'll start working to make your ideas real. Make sure you have your Cosears to put your custom covers on!

3. Bring your vision to life

Complete the payment through their platform, they create the ears, and boom! You're ready to bring your vision to life with incredible custom moving ear.