Free shipping for orders over $99

Picking up your Costail

Haven't been able to pick up your package yet? If you aren't able to pick up your Costail in time, it will get sent back to us! We understand that some people may be blocked from getting it, so here are some tips that may make it easier:


Changed your delivery method

If you aren't able to organize a home delivery, you can use one of the following free options directly from DHL:

Deliver my Package on Another Day, Deliver my Package to Another Address, Deliver my Package at a Safe Place, Deliver my Package with Neighbor, Deliver my Package at a DHL ServicePoint, Request to hold my Package up to 30 days. These options should be able to choose in the shipping notification email you've received.

Dealing with customs

If customs are asking for more information from you, please provide them with HS code 85.43, which is the code used to classify the product. Attached is also documentation for the powerbank if they need it. Please contact us if you have problems with this.